Welcome to the Ion and Innovation District

Community Stakeholder Page

Our purpose

to build and educate the community by connecting Houstonians to jobs and economic opportunities that celebrate Houston’s diverse culture.

We will do that by building an ecosystem that attracts, connects and retains innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses, investors and local talent to accelerate Houston’s economy.

By working with our neighbors and the Houston community, we will create long-term solutions to build strong neighborhoods. We invite you to get involved and share your suggestions and experiences with us.

The Ion & Innovation District

The 16-acre Ion and Innovation District is centrally located in Midtown, Houston. The Innovation District, in collaboration with the City of Houston and community stakeholders, will build a series of community benefits to enhance Houston’s technology infrastructure, with a specific focus on inclusive, measurable impactful talent, business and community development.

The Ion and Innovation District
will introduce a new kind of urban district to Houston, prioritizing street life, public space and a mix of uses that embrace technology, community and sustainability.
The Ion and Innovation District’s project goals include strengthening Houston’s economic resiliency and competitiveness by attracting and retaining innovative talent, companies and institutions. This project will foster an inclusive and welcoming neighborhood that offers economic opportunities for all Houstonians. We do this by connecting, building and creating meaningful impacts for the community and project, together.